About Nixia Varela de LaMar

Nixia Varela de LaMar
 "Product of Her Many Environments"

Nixia Varela de LaMar, Panama Fashion Designer, has rapidly attracted the attention and respect of the international fashion world for her work in evening design and casual wear, as well as for her handbag collections.

2010 Fashion Week Panama Collection

Comfortable moving from evening gowns to  cocktail chic, versatility is among her greater qualities.  Nixia showcases elegant creations  for the runway at the same time designing easy to accessorize dresses for her private clientele.

Nixia has received coverage in the United States, South America, throughout Europe as well as in Australia and South Africa.  In Panama she is regularly interviewed in all media forums and asked to give seminars.

For an intimate understanding of Nixia Varela de LaMar and her inspiration, the most relevant factor is appreciating the diverse worlds she has inhabited, for as opposite as they are, each contributes to Nixia's artistry.

Nixia's formative years were divided between cosmopolitan Panama City and the quaint mountain town of El Valle de Anton, two hours from the capital. 
El Valle de Anton: This lush ancient volcano crater
filled with flowers and wildlife influenced Nixia's aesthetic

 El Valle, characterized by its flowers, markets, waterfalls and dramatic landscape, is a destination of choice among Panamanians and international tourists alike.  Fortunately, it has retained all of its Central American small town authenticity.  Among the birds and butterflies, Nixia developed her affinity for the natural world and this is often reflected in her whimsical Clutch Bag designs

Tradtional "Molas"
Nixia's work in geometric patterns

During this time Nixia was also exposed to the traditional textile designs of the indigenous tribes.  Often either overlooked or exploited for souvenir trade, Nixia's respectful and sensitive incorporation of these styles is an inclusive celebration of Panama's wide culture.

FWP Collection
Historic Casco Viejo

Nixia also spent much of her youth in Panama City, a city founded nearly 500 years ago as a Spanish outpost and hub in the gold trade.  From the original site ruins in Panama Viejo to the Colonial district of Casco Antiguo, Nixia derived her sense of tradition and connection to the formality of previous eras.  In Casco Antiguo Spanish Colonial influence remains and is preserved.  The years Nixia spent in these surroundings informed her sense of the traditional and formal.

 In addition to the county's natural beauty and and rich history, Panama City is also a major metropolitan center.  Commerce derived from the Panama Canal, banking and the Free Trade Zone foster a thriving urban culture offering dozens of restaurants, discotheques, cafes, upscale shopping options and of course,culture. 
Panama City's Boardwalk--Avenida Balboa

With her decided stylistic expression, Nixia contributes to the chic scene from her classic origins, carefully including contemporary modern detail.  Open to inspiration from myriad sources, Nixia has reinterpreted ancient Roman dress, adapted nautical themes and appropriated bridge design into her work.
Varela LaMar's Sequin Designs

The combined influences of the natural world, Spanish traditional style and contemporary living shape Nixia's work.

Nixia Varela de LaMar working a photoshoot