Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Costa Rica Fashion Week

Costa Rica Fashion Week
August 26-28
Torre Gekko, 5th Floor
Real Cariari

Now in Costa Rica, Nixia prepares for her presentation on Saturday.  As covered in  both her interview in La Prensa (Panama) today and in last week's Chepestyle Magazine (Costa Rica) article, the Costa Rica Fashion Week collection  is a continued evolution of the Fashion Week Panama inspiration.  While she will showcase a new body of work, Nixia felt the previous collection's inspiration and themes deserved continued development.  For Costa Rica Fashion Week, Nixia demonstrates her new design concepts sprung from the original impetus: metallic fabrics, netting and simple color coordintions inspired by the imagery of the bridges that span the Panama Canal.  

Friday, August 20, 2010

Costa Rica Fashion Week Collection/¨Chepestyle Interview"/Thank You

Nixia presents her newest   collection at Costa Rica Fashion Week on August 28.  It represents a thematic evolution  of the Fashion Week Panama  collection incorporating similar materials, color schemes and combinations.   

Examples of the themes upon which Nixia will continue to elaborate.
Nixia felt the inspiration for Fashion Week Panama  warranted further exploration.  With continued interest in  elements of cut, fabric and palette, the new Costa Rica Fashion Week collection evidences a preservation of the essential character of the  FWP collection.   

Utilizing predominantely neutral color schemes, Nixia will present  creations of  satin, silk and metallic fabrics.  She has incorporated  stone-bordered mesh as well as sequins into the collection.

Immediately recognizable in the collection is Nixia's design trademark: a  commitment to women who seek simple elegance and versatility.  All pieces lend themselves to combination with one another and to other standard components of women's wardrobes. 


In advance of Costa Rica Fashion Week Nixia gave an interview to ChepeStyle Magazine in which she discusses her upcoming collection and shares her observations about fashion in Central America.

(See the complete interview here.)

Nixia is always delighted when a collaborator or colleague earns  deserved recognition.  This week, Erika of Fashion Chalet was kind enough to cover Maggie McTavish, a Varela LaMar FWP model  on her Fashion Chalet Tumblr Site.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Costa Rica Fashion Week--Clutch Bags

Nixia is still not giving a preview of the Costa Rica Fashion Week Collection but promised to provide a tiny glimpse before she leaves.

In the meantime, Nixia oversees the production of her Varela LaMar Cluch Bag designs.  Samples of the newest are below, some of which will go to Costa Rica Fashion Week, others are in stores and the remainder have distant destinations.

Please enjoy these and if for any reason you are in Costa Rica, please enjoy the show.

Varela LaMar Cluch: Woven Straw with Mola Inspiration
Varela LaMar Cluch: Woven Straw with Mola Inspiration
Varela LaMar Clutch: Woven Straw Daytime Bag

Varela LaMar Cluch: Cotton Daytime Bag
Varela LaMar Clutch: Woven Evening Bag

Friday, August 13, 2010

Presenting in Costa Rica Fashion Week

Nixia Varela LaMar presents at Fashion Week Costa Rica, August 28, 2010.  Her latest evening, casual and handbag creations will be displayed at the Varela LaMar stand throughout the four-day event in San Jose.

 For now, there is no advance preview of the evening and formal collection Nixia is preparing for Costa Rica Fashion Week, however, we can look at a Varela LaMar Clutch Bag.

This bag, which will be on display in San Jose is representative of the inspiration Nixia has followed in recent weeks.  She has been working with natural products, especially cottons and wooden details.  This  bag  would be fun for many occasions but seems destined for an outdoor cafe along the water.

Nixia also wishes to thank friends for their coverage and support in recent weeks.  Please stop by and enjoy their art and fashion:
ModaFusionARTE (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Raindrops of Sapphire
Ale Pretelt
Trou Noir

Monday, August 9, 2010

Interview in "Moda FusionARTE" Buenos Aires

"Entrevista A Nixia Varela LaMar"
Moda FusionARTE Revista Digital
Editora Responsable: Alexandra Muraco
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Fabulous Models and Designs in the Beautiful Outdoors

The Terrace
Given Nixia Varela LaMar's orientation in the natural world, upon which she draws heavily for inspiration, it is not surprising that she would select a home's outdoor areas to photograph her designs.  A recent shoot incorporated terraces, balconies, a pool and garden creating attractive backdrops and providing a natural thematic context to show off her work.  
The Garden
The Balcony

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fashion Week Panama--Parting Shots

With Fashion Week Panama behind her, Nixia prepares for her next event, to be announced  Monday, August 9.  She is pleased with the reception and reviews of her recent collection and grateful for the coverage she received.  As she continues preparations for her next show, we take a last look at the complete Fashion Week Panama Collection.

Nixia Varela LaMar-Fashion Week Panama 2010
Nixia Varela LaMar-Fashion Week Panama 2010
Nixia Varela LaMar-Fashion Week Panama 2010
Nixia Varela LaMar-Fashion Week Panama 2010
Nixia Varela LaMar-Fashion Week Panama 2010
Nixia Varela LaMar-Fashion Week Panama 2010
Nixia Varela LaMar-Fashion Week Panama 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Varela LaMar: FWP Collection--Pre-Event Photoshoot

From the pre-event shoot of the "Fashion Week Panama Collection." 

Camill Hey, Heidi Choy, Kristell Loaiza
Camill Hey, Heidi Choy, Maria Alejandra Tejada
Camill Hey, Heidi Choy, Kristell Loaiza
Heidi Choy, Maria Alejandra Tejada
Camill Hey, Heidi Choy, Maria Alejandra Tejada

Mystery: Why Aren't These Clutch Bags For Sale in Panama?

These are some of the most recent Clutch Bag designs by Nixia Varela LaMar.  As always, she personally designed them and guided her staff in all phases of production.

But these bags will NOT be for sale in Panama.  


All we can say now is that their unavailability relates to the expansion of the Varela LaMar brand and give one clue:

Misterio: Porque estos bolsos clutch no estan en la venta en Panama?

Estos son los últimos diseños de bolsos estilo "clutch"  hecho por Nixia Varela LaMar.  Como siempre, ella los diseño personalmente y manejaba su confección hasta el ultimo detalle.

Pero, estos bolsos NO están en la venta en Panamá.


El único que podemos revelar en este instante es que su falta de disponibilidad esta relacionado con el crecimiento de la marca Varela LaMar y dejarles con una sola pista:


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Upcoming Event; International Coverage

At this time, Nixia is finalizing arrangements for her next event.  It will be outside of Panama at the end August and details will follow in the coming days.  There will be new evening pieces, bags and plenty of coverage.

Fashion Nicotine
Yesterday Nixia was happy to see  international coverage of her Fashion Week Panama collection in Fashion Nicotine, from the Netherlands.  She is grateful for the piece, especially because, although she had been in contact with the rapidly emerging blog, yesterday morning's mention was a surprise. 

Having just completed Fashion Week Panama, Nixia resumed her work for private clients and a new collection of Varela LaMar Clutch Bags-- already available at Diablo Rosso and Chika's Collection Panama.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bags of the Ball

Over the course of the three-day gala,
Fashion Week Panama introduced spectators  to the latest Latin American fashion trends across a spectrum ranging from the funky and  chic to the elegant and fantastical.  Surrounded by the gorgeous, the glamorous and the outrageous it was overwhelming trying to assimilate so much spectacle, impossible to appreciate single features or individual creations.  It was the sensory overload everyone hoped to savor.

However, as bold evening collections garnered so much audience attention, awing them with exquisite  gown designs in brilliant color schemes,  the contributions of subtler details were easily overlooked and deserve special mention now.  

Having received so much attention for her "Clutch Bags", both within and outside of Panama, Nixia Varela LaMar was determined  her bags would play an integral role in her Fashion Week Panama collection.  

In the gallery below, it  is clear why Nixia made  the creative  choice to include her Varela LaMar clutch bags.  They made a significant thematic contribution to the collection, augmenting the impact of each Varela LaMar piece with which they appeared.  

Each FWP Varela LaMar clutch bag was handmade for the occasion and coordinated to complement attire in color,  fabric and texture as well as in character and personality.