Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bags of the Ball

Over the course of the three-day gala,
Fashion Week Panama introduced spectators  to the latest Latin American fashion trends across a spectrum ranging from the funky and  chic to the elegant and fantastical.  Surrounded by the gorgeous, the glamorous and the outrageous it was overwhelming trying to assimilate so much spectacle, impossible to appreciate single features or individual creations.  It was the sensory overload everyone hoped to savor.

However, as bold evening collections garnered so much audience attention, awing them with exquisite  gown designs in brilliant color schemes,  the contributions of subtler details were easily overlooked and deserve special mention now.  

Having received so much attention for her "Clutch Bags", both within and outside of Panama, Nixia Varela LaMar was determined  her bags would play an integral role in her Fashion Week Panama collection.  

In the gallery below, it  is clear why Nixia made  the creative  choice to include her Varela LaMar clutch bags.  They made a significant thematic contribution to the collection, augmenting the impact of each Varela LaMar piece with which they appeared.  

Each FWP Varela LaMar clutch bag was handmade for the occasion and coordinated to complement attire in color,  fabric and texture as well as in character and personality.


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