Friday, September 21, 2012

Support for Grandes Pasos--Patronato de Nutricion

Grandes Pasos
 Patronato de Nutricion
Phone: 317-6111/19

Grandes Pasos Patronato de Nutrition

Nixia is honored and humbled to present her latest Varela LaMar collection at Fashion Week Panama 2012 for the benefit Grandes Pasos Patronato de Nutrition.  The presentation is scheduled for Saturday October 6 at 7:30  at the Islas de Atlapa, "Block B."  

Patronato de Nutricion is dedicated to fighting poverty in Panama's rural areas.  In particular, they are concerned about malnutrition in infants.  Their goal is to implement self-sustaining farms in these remote areas of the Republic.   They believe much can be achieved by educating subsistence-level farmers and organizing them into associations and cooperatives that will empower them to produce using techniques that are both more efficient and sustainable.  The ultimate production goal would feed and maintain individual households and provide enough products for commercial sale, thus guaranteeing to them a stream of income that will give them the opportunity to improve the qualities of their lives.  

The FWP 2012 Designers of Block B
Nixia Varela LaMar is proud to find herself in a Block of important designers who will certainly draw many fans of fashion.  Others in the "Block B" benefiting Patronado de Nutricion include high profile designers: Federico Visuette, Vergara and Vergara, Tatiana Uliantzeff and Helene Breebaart.

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