Friday, August 26, 2011

A Designer's Looks & Apparel &Textiles Magazine

A Designer's Looks

Below are additional images of Nixia Varela LaMar from her  European buying trip.  Although essentially a business trip, it is interesting to see that--even working-- the designer makes clothing and accessory choices that are both practical and chic.  As in her design work, Nixia compromises neither comfort nor style.  While traveling with a limited wardrobe, Nixia relied on matching basics and dressing them up with simple, elegant accessories in bags, belts and jewelery.  

Navigating Europe, Nixia opts for the simplicity of jeans, blouse and blazer
In a moment of repose, Nixia chooses a silk print, fun necklace, pearl studs
During selection and purchase, Nixia is serious and feminine in gauzy silk

Apparel & Textiles Magazine

Nixia wishes to thank Apparel & Textiles Magazine for its coverage of the Varela LaMar collection at Fashion Week Panama.  Based in El Salvador, but read internationally, Apparel & Textiles Magazine covers runway and fashion around the world.  Visit the site:

Apparel & Textiles

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