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DEZ MAARTEN////Avant Garde

 DEZ MAARTEN: Varela LaMar FWP '11 Music

Varela LaMar finale of Fashion Week Panama 2011
One challenge facing Nixia in preparing for Fashion Week Panama 2011 was to find the right music to pair with the Varela LaMar  collection.  The creations ranged from classic, floor length gowns in silk to designs with a hint of the Bohemian, combining different prints and fabrics.  

Nixia had to find a sound that somehow reflected the range of the collection: an artist whose sound brought both experimental and formal elements to her music.  Finally, the tempo needed to be consistent with the upbeat ambiance of a runway presentation.

Nixia was fortunate to discover New York vocalist DEZ MAARTEN, also a classically trained pianist.  The DEZ MAARTEN tracks Nixia selected have a  decidedly dance/club sound, but the artist's broader musical experience is at once apparent. A complete artist, DEZ MAARTEN has worked in every artistic arena from music, to cinema, painting and dance.

MySpace Page of DEZ MAARTEN

The tracks that accompanied the runway presentation were:

  •  "I Feel Good"
  • "Hey, Hey (You Know What You're Doing)"
  • "You Don't Have to Go"

*****Performed by DEZ MAARTEN, written and produced by Heather Haase/Bryan Ogden*****

Varela LaMar finale of Fashion Week Panama 2011

Thank you to Avant Garde and Ricky Burgos!

Special thanks to long-time supporter from the Dominican Republic, Avant Garde Revista Digital and editor Ricky Burgos.  We hope to see Ricky in Panama one day soon!

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