Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shopping Tour & SHE--Style Through Her Eyes

Shopping Tour
These are collected images of designer Nixia Varela LaMar during her shopping tour of Europe.  Aside work on upcoming collections, Nixia is currently focused on retail production, including belts and a new line of bags.

Nixia Varela LaMar examining fabrics

Nixia Varela LaMar on a short break from purchasing
The designer resumes her work

 SHE--Style Through Her Eyes
Jenmarie and Casee Marie were generous in providing coverage of the Varela LaMar collection on their blog, SHE--Style Through Her Eyes.  The coverage is reproduced below and Nixia wishes to thank them and to encourage followers to visit the SHE sites at the following locations:

SHE--Style Through Her Eyes
SHE--Style Through Her Eyes

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